Petron Communications

Solar Power

Northeastern B.C. has an abundance of sunshine that is available for all kinds of energy needs.

Petron Communications Ltd. has been on the forefront of solar technology for many years. Our Pink Mountain communications facility is equipped with 40 85 watt solar cells for its backup power system. Our professional expertise and experience enables us to easily negotiate the special considerations that the 285 amps of power feeding our battery system entails.

Whether you are interested in a residence "off the grid" or a solar-powered SCADA site, Petron Communications Ltd. is your solar power expert. We can design a custom solar powered system, and provide all the equipment you need, including solar panels, controllers, batteries and inverters. With the correct array of solar panels and parts and a properly designed battery system you can easily free yourself from dependence on electric utility companies for powering your residence or commercial facility.


We are the leader in design, installation and servicing of all communication needs in the heart of the BC oil patch. We specialize in mobile, microwave, S.C.A.D.A., UHF, VHF, stand-alone voice and data communication systems.



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